10 Places in Paris That You Must Visit This December


In December, Paris transforms into a magical winter wonderland, making it an ideal time to visit. Start your journey at the iconic Eiffel Tower, aglow with festive lights. Explore the Louvre Museum’s art treasures and walk the enchanting Champs-Élysées, adorned with holiday decorations. Discover more places in Paris such as the historical charm of Montmartre and the artistic allure of Sainte-Chapelle. Explore Impressionist masterpieces at the Musée d’Orsay and unwind at Luxembourg Gardens. Take a Seine River cruise for scenic views and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Parisian Christmas markets. Embrace the season and enjoy these enchanting places in the City of Light.

Eiffel TowerIconic Paris landmark with breathtaking city views, especially magical with its twinkling lights in December. Tickets range from €10 to €25 based on access level.
Louvre MuseumWorld’s largest art museum housing masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, showcasing thousands of years of human artistic evolution.
Champs-ÉlyséesIconic avenue transforming into a festive wonderland in December, with luxury shopping, cafes, and theaters.
Notre-Dame CathedralMasterpiece of French Gothic architecture with a rich history, currently under restoration due to the 2019 fire.
MontmartreBohemian neighborhood with artistic history, iconic Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, and panoramic city views.
Sainte-ChapelleGothic chapel known for its magnificent stained glass windows, a fusion of faith and artistry.
Musée d’OrsayMuseum celebrating 19th and early 20th-century art, housed in a former Beaux-Arts railway station.
Luxembourg GardensSerene garden offering a verdant escape in the city, with meticulously manicured lawns, statues, and a tranquil pond.
Seine RiverScenic river cruise providing unique views of Paris’s landmarks, especially romantic in the festive December lights.
Palace of VersaillesUNESCO World Heritage site showcasing France’s rich history and architecture, with an opulent palace and stunning gardens adorned with festive decorations in December. Purchasing tickets beforehand allows direct access and skipping of long lines.

Palace of Versailles:

The Palace of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage site located just outside of Paris, is a must-visit destination. This opulent palace, once a royal residence, is a testament to France’s rich history and extravagant architecture. Visiting in December adds an extra layer of charm, as the palace and its stunning gardens are adorned with festive decorations, making it a truly magical experience. By purchasing Versailles tickets beforehand, visitors can skip the long lines and gain direct access to the palace’s splendid interior. Walking through the Hall of Mirrors, where significant historical events like the Treaty of Versailles were signed, is an awe-inspiring experience. The ornate chambers, exquisite artworks, and grandeur of the palace offer a glimpse into the lavish lives of French royalty. Beyond the palace walls, the meticulously landscaped gardens and fountains of Versailles are equally captivating. Even in December, the carefully manicured lawns and the elegant symmetry of the garden’s design provide a serene backdrop for a leisurely stroll.

Eiffel Tower: 

The Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks, stands as a testament to human ingenuity and architectural brilliance. Rising gracefully against the Parisian skyline, this iron masterpiece has become the very symbol of the City of Light. Constructed in 1889 as the entrance arch for the 1889 World’s Fair, it was initially met with mixed reactions but has since become an enduring emblem of Paris and France. Before planning a visit, it’s essential to consider the Eiffel Tower ticket price. While prices can vary based on age, time of visit, and access level, they generally range from around €10 to €25, depending on whether visitors choose to ascend via stairs or elevators and if they include access to the summit. Climbing its steps or riding the elevators to the top, tourists and locals alike are captivated by the unparalleled vistas. As the sun sets, the Tower sparkles with thousands of twinkling lights, casting a magical glow across the city. It is not merely a monument; it’s an experience, an embodiment of Paris’s romantic charm and artistic soul. The Eiffel Tower’s magnetic pull lies not just in its architectural magnificence, but in the emotions it evokes, making it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the heart of Paris.


Louvre Museum:

The Louvre Museum, a magnificent treasure trove of art and culture, stands as an enduring testament to human creativity and historical significance. Nestled on the right bank of the Seine River in Paris, this former royal palace turned museum is not only one of the world’s largest and most visited art museums but also a symbol of France’s rich artistic heritage. Housing an unparalleled collection of artworks spanning over thousands of years, including the iconic Mona Lisa, the enigmatic Winged Victory of Samothrace, and the majestic Venus de Milo, the Louvre mesmerizes art enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Beyond its individual masterpieces, the museum’s architectural grandeur, with its glass pyramid entrance juxtaposed against the classical façade of the Louvre Palace, adds to the allure. Navigating its vast halls feels like embarking on a captivating journey through different civilizations and artistic movements. From ancient Egyptian artifacts to Renaissance paintings and classical sculptures, the Louvre encapsulates the essence of human artistic evolution.


The Champs-Élysées, often referred to as “the most beautiful avenue in the world,” is a grand and iconic boulevard that epitomizes the elegance and sophistication of Paris. Stretching for nearly two kilometers from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, this tree-lined avenue is a hub of culture, luxury, and history. Lined with theaters, cafes, cinemas, and designer boutiques, the Champs-Élysées exudes an air of glamor and style. During December, the Champs-Élysées transforms into a magical wonderland as it becomes adorned with thousands of twinkling lights and festive decorations, creating a captivating atmosphere that draws locals and tourists alike. This transformation marks the beginning of the city’s enchanting holiday season, making it a perfect time to visit. Whether it’s enjoying a leisurely stroll, sipping coffee at a chic café, or indulging in a shopping spree, the Champs-Élysées offers a delightful experience for all. At night, the avenue’s illuminated beauty is awe-inspiring, casting a warm and inviting glow upon the charming Parisian streets, making it an essential stop for anyone seeking the true essence of Parisian allure.

Notre-Dame Cathedral: 

Notre-Dame Cathedral, a timeless masterpiece of French Gothic architecture, stands as a solemn and majestic sentinel on the Île de la Cité, at the heart of Paris. With its intricate stone facades, delicate sculptures, and awe-inspiring stained glass windows, Notre-Dame is a testament to centuries of craftsmanship and religious devotion. The cathedral’s history stretches back over 850 years, witnessing events that shaped both France and the world. While it suffered a devastating fire in 2019, efforts to restore this iconic structure are underway, preserving its historical and cultural significance. Despite the restoration, Notre-Dame’s aura of reverence and grace remains intact. Visitors are captivated by the ethereal beauty of its interior, featuring towering arches, ornate chapels, and the mesmerizing Rose Window. Climbing to the top offers panoramic views of the city, providing a unique perspective on Parisian landmarks. Beyond its architectural grandeur, Notre-Dame holds a place in literature and art, immortalized in Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.” The cathedral serves not only as a religious site but as a symbol of resilience, a reminder of the enduring spirit of Parisians and their ability to rebuild and preserve their heritage.



Nestled on a hill overlooking the romantic city of Paris, Montmartre is a charming neighborhood that has long been an artistic and bohemian haven. Famous for its narrow, winding streets, artistic history, and the iconic Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Montmartre offers a unique and enchanting experience for visitors. This neighborhood was once home to renowned artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec, who found inspiration in its picturesque lanes and vibrant atmosphere. Wandering through Montmartre feels like stepping back in time. Cobblestone streets, quaint cafes, and bustling markets create a nostalgic ambiance, while street artists and performers add to the area’s creative energy. The Place du Tertre, a lively square at the heart of Montmartre, is particularly famous for its outdoor artists who showcase their paintings, capturing the essence of the neighborhood’s artistic spirit. A visit to Montmartre is incomplete without climbing the stairs or taking the funicular to the top of the hill to reach the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. This stunning white-domed church offers panoramic views of Paris, making it a perfect spot to admire the cityscape. Beyond its artistic significance, Montmartre also has a rich history, including its association with cabarets like the Moulin Rouge, adding to its allure.


Sainte-Chapelle, nestled on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, is a jewel of Gothic architecture and a testament to the artistic genius of the medieval craftsmen. Built in the 13th century by King Louis IX, this chapel is a marvel of stained glass artistry. Upon entering, visitors are immediately transported into a world of divine light and intricate details. The chapel’s most striking feature is its magnificent stained glass windows, which stretch from floor to ceiling, depicting biblical narratives with vivid colors and meticulous precision. When sunlight filters through these extraordinary windows, the entire chapel is bathed in a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of hues, creating an ethereal and almost otherworldly atmosphere. The delicate stone tracery and soaring ceilings enhance the overall grandeur, making Sainte-Chapelle a true masterpiece. Originally constructed to house significant religious relics, the chapel has become a symbol of Parisian heritage and artistic accomplishment. Its intimate size adds to the sense of wonder, allowing visitors to feel an immediate connection with the art and history it represents. For art enthusiasts, history buffs, and spiritual seekers alike, Sainte-Chapelle stands as a beacon of beauty and spirituality, inviting all who enter to marvel at the sublime fusion of faith and artistry.

Musée d’Orsay: 

The Musée d’Orsay, located on the left bank of the Seine River in Paris, is a cultural treasure trove housed within a former Beaux-Arts railway station. This museum is a celebration of 19th and early 20th-century art, featuring an extensive collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Art Nouveau masterpieces. As visitors step inside, they are greeted by iconic works from renowned artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, and Renoir. What sets Musée d’Orsay apart is its ability to provide a comprehensive view of the artistic evolution during a transformative period in history. The museum’s vast halls and elegant galleries showcase not only paintings but also sculptures, decorative arts, and photography, offering a diverse and immersive experience. Walking through the museum feels like journeying through time, as visitors witness the birth of modern art movements and the innovative techniques that defined an era. The museum’s architectural beauty, characterized by its grand clock and ornate details, enhances the overall ambiance, making the Musée d’Orsay not just a repository of art but a historical and cultural landmark in itself.


Luxembourg Gardens: 

Luxembourg Gardens, nestled in the heart of Paris’s Latin Quarter, is a verdant oasis that embodies the city’s elegance and charm. Created in the early 17th century at the behest of Queen Marie de’ Medici, these meticulously manicured gardens are a testament to French horticultural artistry. Visitors are greeted by a symphony of colors – from the vibrant flowers to the deep green of the lawns and the statues adorned with moss, creating a picturesque scene. The garden’s central feature is the Luxembourg Palace, now the seat of the French Senate, adding an air of regality to the surroundings. Walking along the tree-lined alleys or around the tranquil pond, visitors can find respite under the shade of centuries-old trees or by the fountains that elegantly adorn the landscape. What makes Luxembourg Gardens truly special is its sense of serenity. It’s a place where Parisians and tourists alike come to escape the city’s bustle. As you stroll, you might encounter students engrossed in books, children sailing boats in the pond, or friends engaged in lively discussions. The garden exudes an intellectual and artistic atmosphere, with sculptures and fountains paying homage to France’s rich cultural heritage.

Seine River: 

A Seine River cruise in Paris is a magical journey that provides a unique perspective of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Gliding gently along the tranquil waters of the Seine, travelers are treated to an enchanting panorama of Paris’s architectural marvels, illuminated bridges, and historic monuments. As the boat meanders beneath landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum, passengers are captivated by the city’s romantic ambiance, especially when the sun sets and the city lights begin to twinkle. A Seine River cruise isn’t merely a sightseeing experience; it’s an immersion into the heart of Parisian life and history. Many operators offer narrated tours, providing fascinating insights into the rich heritage of the buildings lining the riverbanks. The experience is particularly enchanting in December when Paris is adorned with festive lights, adding a touch of magic to the journey. Couples find it especially romantic, as the serene ambiance and breathtaking views create an unforgettable atmosphere.


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