Thrillophilia Europe Trip Review: An Unforgettable Experience in Paris


This review is about the most unforgettable trip of my life. I have been planning a perfect moment to propose to my girl, and I wanted it to be grand and memorable. 

For this particular moment, I considered a trip to Paris because what other place on Earth could be better than the ‘City of Love’? I had everything planned; I just needed a professional’s assistance to execute this plan flawlessly. 

This is when I started searching for the best travel companies and came across Thrillophilia. 

Before investing any money, I thoroughly researched the company. I went through a dozen detailed reviews of Thrillophilia, which were pretty assuring. 

I finally found the best package for a romantic trip to Paris and requested a call back to know more about it. Within some time, a representative called me, and I started with my list of questions about the package. 

He was patient and polite enough to answer all my queries, after which I immediately booked the box for two. I also customized our package and made special arrangements to make our trip memorable. 


About the trip 

Once we reached the airport, we received a warm welcome from Thrillophilia’s representative. It was amicable and thoughtful that there were some refreshments and water bottles for us inside the sedan. 

We arrived at our pre-booked hotel, which was stunning, and completed our check-in formalities. 

Our room exceeded our expectations, and we could relate to all the Thrillophilia Tripadvisor reviews regarding the exceptional accommodations. 

We could see the Eiffel Tower from our window, which added to the beauty of our room. The bathroom was made of black tiles and had a bathtub. 

There was a bottle of red wine for us on the table and some chocolates, which my girlfriend immediately finished. 

We spent the first night taking a casual stroll in the streets of Paris and trying street foods. Even though our package included a visit to the Eiffel Tower on the second day of our trip, I had asked the representative to shift that to the last day in our itinerary. 

We took a boat ride on the River Seine for the first four days of our trip and did a complete city tour. 


We also tried some of the popular dishes of Paris, like Chocolate Croissants, steak, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Eclairs, Coq Au Vin, and Duck Confit. Our representative was local, so he took us to the right restaurants and cafes, and we were satisfied even once. 

He also took us to some of the viewpoints for sunsets and some more beautiful sightings of the city, which only a local would know about. He made our trip easy, and I cannot thank him enough. 

River Seine
River Seine

Finally, as I had planned, we were getting ready to visit the Eiffel Tower on the last day of our trip. I wore a black tux and asked my girlfriend to wear a red gown. 

Our representative took us to the most awaited attraction, The Great Eiffel Tower. As I mentioned, I made some arrangements for this particular day, including a photographer and street decorations with the Eiffel Tower in the background. 

The Great Eiffel Tower
The Great Eiffel Tower

I was extremely nervous to do this in front of everyone, but I finally gathered all my courage. Our representative took us to the decorations site, and she had no idea about any of this and was pretty surprised. 


I finally did it. I proposed to her, and she said YES! We both were crying out of excitement and happiness. I came to Paris with my girlfriend and would return home with my fiance. 

A Huge Thanks to Thrillophilia 

I have no words, just a feeling of utter gratitude towards Thrillophilia for taking care of all the details as I had asked. 

This trip was the best of our lives, and I am glad I chose Thrillophilia. The representative was great, all the arrangements exceeded my expectations, and the itinerary was perfect. 

After such an unforgettable experience, adding one more to dozens of positive reviews of Thrillophilia was a must. 


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